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Paiute Language Class

The Paiute Language Class is an interactive Cultural Program brought to the Lyon County School District to engage the students in the Paiute Numu Language and the Culture of the Northern Paiute Tribes of Nevada. This class will cover a broad range of the Vocabulary of the Paiute Language, and also engage in Cultural Activities of the Northern Paiute Tribes of Nevada that would include: Cultural Field Trips, Traditional Games, Cultural Activities, etc.  Students will learn to read, write and speak the Northern Paiute Language. In learning the Northern Paiute Language, the students will learn and be able to become teachers in their own tribal communities, as the language is near extinction. Through the language, students will learn the traditional stories, songs, animals, plants for food and medical purposes, and materials made from the surrounding environment.  Students will learn the past through present history through  living the language of the Northern Paiute. The instructor is Esha Hoferer.  This class is offered at Yerington Intermediate School & Yerington High School.  Students must register for the class with school advisors/counselors each semester.


Location: Yerington Intermediate School & Yerington High School 

Eligible Students: 5th-12th Grade Unlimited

Contact: Esha Hoferer 


The Yerington Paiute Tribe ACE program is for all 5th-12th grade Native American students enrolled in Yerington Intermediate or Yerington High School.

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