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Cabada Mentoring Services II

Cost and Eligibility 

Class Amount: Varies per service from $25/hr to a maximum of $10,030 per student

Service Provider: Lupe Cabada

Contact: Lupe Cabada

Service Includes:

Service can include: (will vary per student level and desires)

  • Coaching – all track and field events

  • Mentoring – preparation for all competition

  • Transportation to Reno for training

  • Travel costs to various events

  • Chaperoning, coaching and mentoring at events


ACE program is for all 5th-12th grade Native American students enrolled in Yerington Intermediate or Yerington High School. Amounts listed are the value of the program per student.  Students Do NOT pay, ACE will pay all providers.  Students must choose services on website.


We are open and searching for more providers of any type of service that would be beneficial to our students’ education.  If you have recommendations or know of any please let us know.

YPT Educational Director,    775-783-0275 ext. 330

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