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Helping a Student

Academic Mentorship Program

AMP is designed for students and parents to improve academic fortitude.

 The primary functions of AMP are Tutoring and Advocacy.  Tutoring

involves discovering your students’ learning style, then providing

intensive alternative instruction to support comprehension in which

they were struggling.  Advocacy is the process in which Parents learn

how to track their Student’s progress and reach out to appropriate

school staff members for further assistance as needed.  The goal is for

our students to be able to self-advocate for their own academic needs and

AMP is there to lend support as needed.

AMP Tutoring- One-on-one 1 hour tutoring sessions in all subject areas.  Additional platforms for skills success and content mastery will be utilized including tutorials and programs such as Khan Academy.

AMP Advocating – Bi-weekly one-on-one 1 hour session with parents and students to develop academic strategy for their student.  Working with parents, students and school to act as a liaison and support for student academic success.  

Cost and Eligibility  

Class Amount: $1,000

Eligible Students: 5th-12th Grade (Limit 30)

Contact: Justin Zuniga  (775) 395-9558


ACE program is for all 5th-12th grade Native American students enrolled in Yerington Intermediate or Yerington High School. Amounts listed are the value of the program per student.  Students Do NOT pay, ACE will pay all providers.  Students must choose services on website.


We are open and searching for more providers of any type of service that would be beneficial to our students’ education.  If you have recommendations or know of any please let us know.

YPT Educational Director,    775-783-0275 ext. 330

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